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This week’s episode of Advancement Live (1pm EDT on 9/23) features Beau Dudley, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs at Washington  Admissions Live logoand Lee University, and Dan Einstein, Past-President of the W&L Alumni Association Board of Directors. Join host Ryan Catherwood for this exciting edition of Advancement Live focused on building and managing an all-volunteer alumni board.

In this edition of Advancement Live viewers will learn:

– The mission and purpose of W&L’s Alumni Board of Directors;
– How roles and responsibilities are defined from the vantage point of both the Executive Director and the Past-President;
– How the role of the W&L Alumni Board of Directors continues to evolve and change along with the mission and vision of the University;
– “Rules for Engagement” in managing an alumni board.

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Beau Dudley, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs
Washington and Lee University

Beau Dudley is W&L class of 1974 and 1979 law, when he was president of the student body executive committee. He was the president of the Alumni Association 1992-1993, and a University Trustee 1998-2006. He came to W&L in 2006 from a distinguished legal career as a business litigation partner with McGuire Woods, LLP in the Washington, D.C. area offices.

As Executive Director of Alumni Affairs, Mr. Dudley operates within University Advancement as the senior administrator for alumni association matters. He is responsible for the Alumni Affairs office on campus, the Alumni Board of Directors, and he serves on the President’s Council, a group of senior administrators.

Dan Einstein, President Rosenfeld Einstein, A Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC Co. Dan
Past President – W&L Alumni Board of Directors

Led strategic planning initiative for national alumni association, strengthened alumni engagement with association and increased number of high performing alumni chapters.




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Ryan Catherwood is the Director of Engagement Strategy at the University of Virginia and Co-Host of “Advancement Live.” You can follow him on twitter @RyanCatherwood and connect on Linkedin.

Ryan Catherwood

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