Institutions exploring crowdfunding have a choice: they can build their own platform, as Carleton University did with their Futurefunder initiative, or they can work with one of the crowdfunding platforms serving the Higher Ed market. In this show, representatives from three of the leading crowdfunding platforms — USEED, IndieGoGo, and ScaleFunder — joined Host Andrew Gossen to talk through some of the challenges and opportunities that crowdfunding presents to institutional advancement offices.

This conversation ranged widely, including perspectives on working across silos, hyper-local perks, and addressing concerns that crowdfunding may destabilize fundraising practices that have provided essential support for institutions over the years. However, the single theme that we returned to over and over again throughout the hour was storytelling. Crowdfunding offers higher education a powerful new storytelling tool that integrates fundraising, engagement, and communications goals in a format perfectly suited for the online world in which our constituents are spending an increasing amount of their time.



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Andrew Gossen

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