Web Con 2017

The 18th Annual University of Illinois Web Conference is set for April 5-7 at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign, Illinois. Registration is open now, but history has shown it won’t be open long. The demand is high for this event, and each year the conference sells out fast.

Why do people flock to this particular web conference? Simple: big bang for little buck.

The conference delivers quality programming and memorable experiences for a fraction of the cost of other comparable events. Concepts such as the art and science of digital storytelling, how not to be a web designer, creating web components, crafting a voice UX, and finding better on-ramps into tech for the underprivileged lead a strong lineup of diverse web-focused presentations over the course of three days. And it’s a well-organized, attendee-focused affair. “As web people we spend a lot of our time talking about how to improve the user experience. We simply apply these same ideas to our conference to improve the attendee experience,” says Doug Burgett, chair of the conference’s planning committee.

Another reason to attend? The location. Champaign-Urbana isn’t known for being a travel destination, but it has a rich history in technical achievement, with University of Illinois faculty and alumni creating such advancements as the first graphical browser, YouTube, and PayPal, to name just a few. Web professionals making the trip to the University of Illinois can be compared to baseball fans making the trip to Fenway.

So check out this year’s full lineup of presentations and take advantage of one of the best web and social media professional development events around.


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