Not being able to attend last week’s HighEdWeb Conference (#heweb10) has not stopped me from compiling a complete and unabridged review of everything that went down. It’s known as one of the top higher education conferences of the year and from everything I’ve seen it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Check out all the below info – especially the expert takeaways – and let me know if you think I’ve missed anything!

High Ed Experts Sound Off
Some of our industry’s top folks share what they got from this year’s gathering.

In Photo

#heweb10 Photo Gallery of Poster Sessions

Kyle James’ Google Analytics and SEO Presentations

Georgy Cohen’s presentation a Bargain-Bin MoMA: Content Curation for the Rest of Us

Helping academic websites make the grade, by Sara Clark, Don Hendricks and Stacey Funderburk

WordPress GTFO by Jesse Lavery and Mike Richwalsky

Chad Killingsworth’s presentation One Map to Rule Them All

Using YouTube for Recruitment, by Mallory Wood

Got Centerpiece? So Does Everyone Else, by Michael Fienen

HTML5 Design, by Christopher Schmitt

Learning to Love the API, by Gabriel Nagmay

Analyzing Real-time Visitor Searchers, by Nick DeNardis

Additional Coverage & Links

Patrick Powers: What I Learned from the #heweb10 Backchannel

Blogger Ben Rapin’s takeaways

Visual (flash-based) display of all #heweb10 tweet

7 tips for avoiding a backchannel mutiny

Karlyn Morissette’s top takeaways from #heweb10

Karlyn Morissette breaks down her #heweb10 presentation: Part 1

Karlyn Morissette breaks down her #heweb10 presentation: Part 2

Tim Nekritz Top 5 Takeaways from #heweb10

Billy Adams thoughts on #heweb10

Rob Liesland #heweb10 takeaways

Robin2Go’s #heweb10 takeaways

HighEdWeb 2010 Recap: Part 1: The Big Picture, by Georgy Cohen

Embarrassing Karaoke Videos of #heweb10 Attendees 🙂 haha


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