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Join Ryan Catherwood, Assistant Director for digital communications and social media at Washington and Lee University’s Alumni Affairs Office, as he discusses alumni engagement strategy with some great guests: Jeff Young, technology editor for The Chronicle of Higher Education, writes a monthly news-analysis column called College 2.0 that tracks how tech is changing colleges. He is […]

Some of you may remember former Advancement Live host Ryan Catherwood, but what you may not know is that he is the founder and host of the Advancement Legends podcast. Advancement Legends is intended for engagement and fundraising professionals in higher education. Each episode contains an interview with a senior advancement leader from around the […]

Longwood University is hosting tonight’s Vice-Presidential Debate between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence. Advancement Live’s former host Ryan Catherwood, assistant vice president for alumni and career services at Longwood, was at the center of it all throughout the many months of planning and preparation for tonight’s big event.  As the chair of a sub-committee dedicated to […]

After largely operating as sole entities, in the past five years career services and alumni relations are merging offices and creating alumni volunteering opportunities tied to the career narrative to increase placement, career readiness, alumni engagement and donations. CampusTap explored this early-stage development in the recently-released ebook, “Merging Alumni Relations & Career Services Playbook.” In […]

If you’re like most higher ed professionals, you’re constantly on the move. Whether it’s hopping from one meeting to another or traveling to the next conference, it’s tough to stay up-to-date on all the latest and greatest content on the Higher Ed Live site. We know you don’t want to miss the tips and tools […]

During every Presidential election cycle for the last thirty years, the Commission for Presidential Debates (CPD), a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) corporation, has sponsored a sequence of Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates at universities around the United States. These debates are shining examples of citizenship and civility. They’re also a great opportunity for universities to uniquely […]

In this episode of Advancement Live, host Ryan Catherwood explores the latest digital engagement strategies targeting university network stakeholders. Topics discussed in this edition include community building, data management, content strategy and social media marketing. Guests for the episode, Kim Brown from Syracuse University, Matt Lindsay of George Washington University, along with Daniel Cohen Founder and […]

The needs of post-graduate program alumni are different than those of undergraduates. Post-graduate alumni are older, more likely to be at an advanced career stage, and often have affinities for their undergraduate institutions that supersede a post-graduate alma mater. Alumni relations strategies designed to engage alumni of MBA programs must take into account these distinctions. […]

In this episode of Advancement Live, host Ryan Catherwood explores football game day and Homecoming engagement strategies with Chase Carter from Oklahoma State University’s Alumni Association, building new athletic traditions and growing school spirit with Scott Bacon of Longwood University, and tactics for fundraising and athletics development with Duke University’s Tom Coffman.

In this edition of Advancement Live, join host Ryan Catherwood for an examination of engagement and fundraising tactics in higher education visual and performing arts. Guests on the program, Ruth Waalkes and Jon Catherwood-Ginn from the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech will detail their strategy for crafting numerous avenues for engagement, boosting event attendance […]

Many alumni associations are funded primarily by dollars raised from various forms of memberships. Yet many institutions are rethinking this structure, given the accessibility of social networks and competition for dollars from advancement initiatives, and the tremendous opportunities in crowdfunding. Institutions are challenged to provide the right mix of benefits that make paying for a […]

As engagement efforts expand into the digital space, unique content hubs can provide a learning environment by curating and crowdsourcing content from alumni and faculty thought leaders. In this edition of Advancement Live, Kathy Kale, AVP, Alumni Relations at Santa Clara University will share their new site called “Illuminate,” and host Ryan Catherwood will share […]

Let me take you on a journey my friends. Today we’re going to attend an alumni networking event together. It could be a happy hour at Trendy Bar du Jour or a Campaign Celebration event for “Believe in Us Now, Give Money So There’s a Later” at a fancy art gallery. The choice is yours. […]

Advancement Live host Ryan Catherwood will chat with Mike Sciola, Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Director of Career Services Colgate University, and Jillian Arnault, Alumni Engagement Coordinator at Colgate. Sciola and Arnault will discuss how their work in career services has helped breakdown existing silos between Advancement and Student Affairs.

Ryan Catherwood hosts a conversation about the State of Alumni Engagement in 2015 featuring Jade Bressington, Deputy Director of Alumni Relations at the University of Birmingham, in the U.K, along with Keith Lue, Executive Director of the Alumni Association at BYU, JT Forbes, Chief Executive Officer at the Indiana University Alumni Association, and Jeff Schanz, […]

In this edition of Advancement Live, host Ryan Catherwood and guest, Michael Sgro, Executive Director of Alumni Engagement at SUNY Cortland, discusses tactics for utilizing the Red Dragon Network to engage prospective students before they even reach campus. Engagement efforts continue at SUNY Cortland during the entire student experience and shape how alumni feel about […]